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Income Share Agreements

Income Share Agreements (ISA) enable students to get a quality education without up-front funding.

In exchange, the student agrees to pay a fixed percentage of their gross income after graduation, if they are employed and making above an agreed upon amount. 

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For Partners

We help schools increase enrollment.

ISAs are proven to increase student accessibility and democratize access to education.  

Adding an ISA option to your tuition model can help fill seats while signaling your value. 

We're here to help at every step of the way.

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How it works

For Students

We help students find and fund their future.

Education should be accessible to everyone, and ISAs help make that possible. 

We help students find the best educational programs available that offer ISAs through our incredible partners.

Whether you're interested in software sales, coding, welding, nursing, or even diesel mechanics, if you're looking to make a "splash" in the professional world, let us help you accelerate your career.

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"Income Share Agreements are a good way to supplement existing student loans without any added debt. ... Use it to help bridge the gap between finishing your degree and transitioning to the workforce."

"A debt-free alternative to student loans. Income Share Agreements hold promise for students, investors and taxpayers."


We provide:

ISA Program Design

We help our partners design ISA programs that increase enrollment and student accessibility while offering excellent returns for the institution. 

Student Application and Underwriting

Our turn-key platform provides all the tools needed to originate applications including underwriting and financial integrations. 

Complete Data Transparency 

Enhanced data analytics fully integrated into your platform.  Make better decisions by leveraging your KPIs

Connect Students to Schools

For students, we showcase programs offering ISAs. From nursing to coding, and even welding and diesel tech training, students are sure to find a program that's right for them. 

Visit our Meratas Students Page.

The Meratas Memo

The Meratas Memo is our blog dedicated to helping people find and fund their future.

Ranging from advice on succeeding in the professional world to ISA news and updates, the Meratas Memo is sure to help. 


Featured Partners

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“For students looking to private sources to help finance their education, ISAs carry significantly lower risk than private loans or credit card debt.”

Why Traditional Loan Protections Don’t Work for Income Share Agreements - and What Should Replace Them (AEI, June 2015)

Team Spotlight

Founder and CEO

Darius Goldman

Darius Goldman created Meratas to help democratize access to continued education by providing a better ISA solution to schools and skills training programs.

Prior to founding Meratas, Darius was a partner and head of the Distressed Debt & Claims Trading legal practice group, at the international law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, where he provided legal guidance surrounding investments in special situations and unique asset classes such as Income Share Agreements. During his legal tenure, Darius was one of the earliest professionals to specialize in ISAs, helping clients identify risks and understand opportunities involving ISAs.  

As an early pioneer in ISAs, Darius recognized a need for better tools to efficiently manage ISA programs at scale. Meratas helps institutions launch thoughtful ISA programs designed to promote student accessibility and increase enrollment.

Our ISA programs are structured to incentivize students, schools, employers and capital providers to work together to promote and finance only the best educational programs that lead to great careers.

Outside of the office, you'll find Darius spending time with his three kids, splitting wood, and making the frequent Costco-run.


Shannon Kuczerepa

Shannon is Meratas’ Chief Operating Officer

Shannon, already with two degrees under her belt, knows all too well about the struggles of tackling student debt. Once she learned about Income Share Agreements and how they offer opportunities for people to change their lives without being restricted by financial barriers, as well as align risk and have the payments be fair and dependent on  success, she knew she had to be involved.

Now, Shannon runs the day-to-day operations at Meratas and oversees the process to help educate partners on the benefits of offering an ISA option to their students. Her goal is to make sure everyone understands the ins and outs of Income Share Agreements, as well as the Meratas Platform, so they can run a successful ISA option for their program.

When she’s not talking ISAs or creating new systems, you can probably find her under the sea exploring shipwrecks or up in the mountains skiing trees.

Customer Success Manager

Sean McKeon

Sean is the Customer Success Manager for Meratas. Sean is passionate about opening access to education and that is what lead him to Meratas. He wants to help utilize Income Share Agreements so Meratas can do their part in giving students an alternative way to fund their future.

When he's not helping our partners get the most out of their ISA program, he's probably stopping pucks on the rink, sinking hole-in-ones on the golf course, or hanging out with his wife and son. 

Marketing Manager

Tyler Hawk

Tyler is the Marketing Manager at Meratas and is passionate about telling stories. Coming from both the traditional university world as well as being the graduate of an online professional development program, he's seen every different avenue of modern education. He's excited by the freedom of choice and freedom of opportunity that modern education offers so when he learned about ISAs, he knew that they would be the key to helping others pursue the education and life that they've always wanted.

When he's not optimizing search engine results or overseeing marketing projects, you can catch him playing guitar, taking photos with his film cameras, or traveling with friends

Senior Account Manager

Kyle Much

Kyle is Meratas’ Senior Account Manager. He’s driven to provide affordable and effective, student-first education using ISAs. Taking a non-traditional route to a sales career has helped him appreciate the importance of training programs that meet a potential student where they’re at, and allow them to succeed not based on their financial status, but the effort they’re willing to put in.

Kyle has the privilege of supporting Meratas’ stellar lineup of partners in supplying their students and members with the most effective education possible, financed through ISAs. He aims to ensure a frictionless and beneficial experience for new and existing partners, students, and potential clients through his expertise on the platform and unparalleled customer service. 

Away from the desk, you’ll find Kyle visiting one of Seattle’s many incredible parks, hitting the slopes (poorly), and taking a ferry ride whilst sampling some chowder with his trusty Bassador, Apollo.

Marketing Representative and Creative Specialist 

Anna Klawitter

Anna is Meratas' resident creative specialist and enjoys researching and writing on a range of topics. A graduate from an online college alternative bootcamp, she enjoys thinking outside of the box and looking for new and innovative ways to solve problems. She’s passionate about Income Share Agreements as they help to do just that: solve the problems that student loan debt has created in the world of higher education.

When she's not writing blog posts or making herself laugh while designing ISA memes, you can catch her hanging out with her many animals, playing piano, or watching Vanderpump Rules.

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