How To Break Into Tech - Without Coding
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Safer and More Flexible than Private Loans

Safer: payments are automatically suspended when unemployed or earning less than expected.

Flexible: payments are indexed to your earnings, keeping your payment obligations manageable.


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Risk-Free Financing

Risk free because you only pay it back when and if your educational pursuits result in career success.

With the lowest payment caps in the industry, we make it easy to pay it off once you've secured gainful employment. 

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Merit Financing: We Invest in You

The financing we provide may be used towards your living expenses and/or tuition needs while pursuing your education, or after graduation while transitioning to your new career. 

We provide our clients with mentoring, networking opportunities and career advice.

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"Income Share Agreements are a risk-free way to supplement existing student loans without any added debt. ... Use it to help bridge the gap between finishing your degree and transitioning to the workforce."

"A debt-free alternative to student loans. Income Share Agreements hold promise for students, investors and taxpayers."


Find and Fund your Future with an ISA - This is your Merit Score:

No Co-signer Needed

Many of our clients are first generation students without available cosigners.

We believe that your access to higher education should be based on your future potential, not constrained by credit scores.

Our Payment Protection Guarantee 

Make no payments when:

  • unemployed;
  • earning less than expected (based on your degree/career)
  • unable to work due to serious illness.

If your education does not lead to the expected payoff in higher earnings or if you lose your job, your payments are waived.  It's like having an insurance policy for your student loans!


No Interest Rate

No interest rate means you don't have to worry about your balance growing while in school (or ever).

Focus on your education without the added distraction of debt.

The Merit Score

We know you are more than your credit score.  At Meratas, we focus on your potential, not your past. 

We believe that betterment through education is a universal right, and that your academic and merit achievements are much better indicators of your future potential than a credit score.  We call this your Merit Score. 

Generous Early Payback Incentives

With incremental payment caps, if you achieve early career success you may end your contract early for significant savings.

Or keep your contract full term and continue to benefit from insurance-like protection against unemployment.

Pay it Forward - Referral Program

Refer a friend, and receive up to $100 for each referral approved for Merit Financing!

Get paid while helping us spread the word on our mission to eradicate student debt.

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At Meratas, we believe education is an investment. For the student, it represents an investment in your future. For us, it represents our investment in you.

With Merit Financing, you only pay it back when you’re employed and earning above expected thresholds based on your chosen degree and career.


Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Pre-qualify online. Approvals are based on your academic and merit achievements.

See if you pre-qualify before submitting a full application.

Step 2

Get a quote tailored to your specific degree and chosen career.

Upload support materials and verify your identity.


Step 3

Receive your contract, sign electronically.

Funds deposited in your account within two business days of completed and approved applications!

Pay it back only after you’ve graduated, and only if you are earning more than expected based on your specified degree and career.


Software Sales Representative 

Open to qualified individuals 18 years and older, looking to break into tech.  No prior experience or coding required.  Admitted applicants will be trained in software sales as a certified sales development representative (SDR) .

Learn About Software Sales / Break Into Tech!

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“For students looking to private sources to help finance their education, ISAs carry significantly lower risk than private loans or credit card debt.”

Why Traditional Loan Protections Don’t Work for Income Share Agreements - and What Should Replace Them (AEI, June 2015)


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