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Income Share Agreements

Income Share Agreements (ISA) enable students to get a quality education without up-front funding.

In exchange, the student agrees to pay a fixed percentage of their gross income after graduation, but only if they are gainfully employed.




For Partners

We help schools increase enrollment.

ISAs are proven to increase student accessibility and democratize access to education.  

Adding an ISA option to your tuition model can help fill empty seats while signaling your value. 

We're here to help at every step of the way.

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How it works

For Students

We help students find and fund their future.

Education should be accessible to everyone, and ISAs help make that possible. 

We help students find the best educational programs available that offer ISAs through our incredible partners.

Whether you're interested in software sales, coding, welding, nursing, or even diesel mechanics, if you're looking to make a "splash" in the professional world, let us help you accelerate your career.

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"Income Share Agreements are a risk-free way to supplement existing student loans without any added debt. ... Use it to help bridge the gap between finishing your degree and transitioning to the workforce."

"A debt-free alternative to student loans. Income Share Agreements hold promise for students, investors and taxpayers."


We provide:

ISA Program Design

We help our partners design ISA programs that increase both enrollment and student accessibility plus provide excellent returns for the institution. 

Student Application and Underwriting

Our platform provides all the tools to handle student applications including credit and underwriting checks. 

Built-in Payment Processing 

Our platform is capable of handling all payment processing.

From monthly automatic ACH pulls to individual credit and debit card payments, the Meratas system can handle them all.  

Connect Students to Schools

For students, we showcase programs offering ISAs. From nursing to coding, and even welding and diesel tech training, students are sure to find a program that's right for them. 

Visit our Meratas Students Page.

The Meratas Memo

The Meratas Memo is our blog dedicated to helping people find and fund their future.

Ranging from advice on succeeding in the professional world to ISA news and updates, the Meratas Memo is sure to help. 

We have built the most intuitive and powerful Income Share Agreement management tool on the market.

With the uniquely built Meratas Platform, our partners can not only create their own ISA program, but they can also customize their student's ISA experience from applications through payment collections. 

This can all be done from one customizable platform.

Income Share Agreements empower students to go where they otherwise couldn’t. 

“For students looking to private sources to help finance their education, ISAs carry significantly lower risk than private loans or credit card debt.”

Why Traditional Loan Protections Don’t Work for Income Share Agreements - and What Should Replace Them (AEI, June 2015)

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