About us

We believe education should be accessible for all

This was the idea that Meratas was founded upon.

Here at Meratas, we believe that education should be available to everyone. We have noticed there are two major problems with education today:

Many students want to learn relevant skills to upgrade their career, but they don't have the financial means to do so. As a result, they are unable to upskill.

We have also noticed that there are many high-quality educational programs that have trouble filling their seats.

We decided to do something about these problems.

What we do

We help schools, skills training programs, and students unlock the power of ISAs. 

With Meratas, schools and programs can create their own ISA program, manage their students applications, customize their student’s ISA experience, and even track and collect ISA payments. These abilities and more can all be done from our user-friendly, uniquely tailored, Meratas platform.

It doesn't stop there. We also know that there are many moving pieces to managing an ISA program. We provide collections assistance, student support, payment processing, data collection and storage, and more! We are able to provide help through the entire ISA management journey.  

Today, it takes more than ever to stand out in the professional world. We provide the best resources on building, growing, and accelerating one's career.

Meet our Founder and CEO

Darius Goldman

Darius Goldman created Meratas to help democratize access to continued education by providing a better ISA solution to schools and skills training programs.

Prior to founding Meratas, Darius was a partner and head of the Distressed Debt & Claims Trading legal practice group, at the international law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, where he provided legal guidance surrounding investments in special situations and unique asset classes such as Income Share Agreements. During his legal tenure, Darius was one of the earliest professionals to specialize in ISAs, helping clients identify risks and understand opportunities involving ISAs.  

As an early pioneer in ISAs, Darius recognized a need for better tools to efficiently manage ISA programs at scale. Meratas helps institutions launch thoughtful ISA programs designed to promote student accessibility and increase enrollment.

Our ISA programs are structured to incentivize students, schools, employers and capital providers to work together to promote and finance only the best educational programs that lead to great careers.

Outside of the office, you'll find Darius spending time with his three kids, splitting wood, and making the frequent Costco-run.

Team Spotlight

Director of Partnerships and Operations

Shannon Kuczerepa

Shannon is Meratas' Director of Partnerships and Operations. When she's not talking ISAs or creating new systems, you can probably find her under the sea exploring shipwrecks or racing in a regatta. 

Customer Success Manager

Sean McKeon

Sean is the Customer Success Manager for Meratas. When he's not helping our partners get the most out of their ISA program, he's probably out scoring goals on the rink, sinking hole-in-ones on the golf course, or hanging out with his wife and son. 

Marketing Manager

Tyler Hawk

Tyler is the Marketing Manager at Meratas. When he's not optimizing search engine results or overseeing marketing projects, you can catch him playing guitar, taking photos with his film cameras, or traveling with friends.

Marketing Representative and Creative Specialist 

Anna Klawitter

Anna is Meratas' resident creative specialist. When she's not writing blog posts or designing social media posts, you can catch her hanging out with her many animals or watching Vanderpump Rules.