Product Gym's Mission

Product Gym was founded by a Technical Recruiter and Product Manager to arm you with the actionable insights you need to be secure and thrive on the product manager job. 

Product Gym is a 6-week Part-Time program focused on training you to generate more Phone Screens, Onsite Interviews, and Offers. 'Product Manager' is one of the hottest job titles in the country right now. You need a team that understands what hiring teams look for currently to generate offers. They are also committed to helping you stay up to date with the best PM practices and learning how to communicate what you learn in an interview.

Program Highlights

Product Gym is dedicated to providing effective Product Management instruction and job-hunting strategies for the best candidates that want to make a career change.​

Product Management fundamentals

Learn how to create a product roadmap, conduct a business and market analysis, define an MVP, and evaluate OKRs and KPIs.

Get Hired

Product Gym will teach you how to revamp your resume, Linkedin, cover letter, pitch yourself like a PM, interview onsite like a pro, and negotiate the bests salary.  



Member's Community

Get access to ongoing workshops, network with current and former students, and learn best practices to becoming a PM rockstar.



Pay only if you get a job​

Product Gym has a time-tested program that has placed over 100 PMs around the world. You don't pay unless they help you land a job. 

Where Product Gym Members Work Now

Black Locus
Vice Media
Live Nation
Live Nation

An ISA Can Help you Get the Product Management Job of Your Dreams

The challenges most professionals face

You want to improve your station in life, but those looking to develop professionally have seemingly unlimited options, and it is difficult to identify quality courses that translate to higher earnings​ 

Obstacles to joining

Potential members to any professional development program face obstacles such as membership pricing. Most programs place the risk on the individual – requiring them to finance their program before knowing whether the course will leave them in a better position after completing the program.

ISAs Align Incentives

The Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an elegant solution for continued learning because it shifts risk away from the potential member and signals value from the institution 

Risk-free membership

With an ISA, you will receive a risk-free professional development program, paying only after you complete the program and only if your program leads to a better career.

With an ISA, if you don't find a better paying job or lose your job, your payments are automatically waived

ISA Defined

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a contract between a student and their school, where in exchange for educational financing, the student agrees to share a fixed percentage of their post-graduate earnings over a set period.

  • Safer and More Flexible than Debt

    Since the amount repaid is indexed to income, payments will always remain manageable despite any unforeseen earning fluctuations

    ISAs include a “Floor” and “Cap”. Repayments are suspended when earning less than the Floor, and total payments will never exceed the Cap.

  • ISAs are NOT Loans.

    The money advanced is not a loan. It is an investment in the student’s future earning potential.

    There is no accruing interest, no principal balance, and no penalty if the amount ultimately repaid is less than the amount funded.

  • Aligned Incentives

    ISAs help reduce financial barriers to education and align incentives between school, student and funder.

ISA Key Terms

Funded Amount

The amount funded on the student’s behalf

Income Share

The percentage of monthly income repaid after graduation (subject to the Floor and Cap)

Annual Income

The student’s post-graduation pre-tax income (i.e., Line 1 of IRS Form 1040EZ)

Monthly Payment

The dollar amount repaid by the student on a monthly basis 

Minimum Threshold

The “Floor”. Repayment Obligations are suspended when Annual Income is less than the Floor

Payment Cap

The “Ceiling”. ISA automatically terminates once aggregate repayments reach the Cap.

Required Payments

The number of required  Monthly Payments (subject to the Floor, but never to exceed the Payment Window)

Payment Window

The outer limit on re-payment obligations

How to Apply for Financing

  • Apply online at at

    Apply from your computer, tablet, or phone in less than 5 minutes! 

  • Tell us about yourself

    Select your program terms and optional consumer benefits 

  • Receive your ISA contract via email

    Ready for you to review the terms and e-sign

  • Wait for school approval

    If approved, you'll receive your counter-signed contract within one business day. 

  • Start Classes

    You're on your way to an amazing new career!