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Become a $100,000+ Tech Sales Rep in 6 weeks

This program is for anyone who is looking to make a career in software sales.

  • 15+ Powerful Modules
  • 20+ Hours of Video
  • 30+ Scripts, Templates & Checklists
  • EPIC Bonuses Inc: Members Group, Live Chat & Email Support
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring & job reference

Learn about our exclusive Software Sales bootcamp!


Backed by a Science-Based Sales® System,  break into Tech sales, even if you have no industry (or coding) experience!


Science-Based Sales® is named as one of the BEST SALES TRAINING PROGRAMS in 2018 + 2019. 

break into Tech-Sales!

Software sales is a $100k career 

.... but that doesn't mean you'll be making that in your first year.

The average base salary is $40k - $60k a year, with average first year earnings of $60,000 - $80,000 including commission.

In year two is when you can expect to make $100,000+! 

Land your Dream Job

Our unique sales training + job placement program equips you with the necessary skills to land your dream job and helps ensure that you reach that six-figure salary

3 key areas we focus on to help you land your dream job in tech sales:

  • Job Research and Preparation
  • Job Applications
  • Job Interviews and Offers 

Curious if Software Sales is right for you?

Only about half our members have previous sales experience. We only require that you be teachable, ambitious, and willing to work smart and hard, and we’ll give you all the experience you need to land your first sales job.


No sales or tech experience needed.

400+ salespeople have used our Science-Based Sales® system, so we know it works. You get everything you need to know to land a 6-figure software sales career in just 40 to 60 hours.  

And you will get hired within 90 days. Guaranteed or you owe nothing.

"How We Help Regular Folks Get Hired To $100,000+ Sales Careers In Under 6 Weeks"

Step 1: Watch the 2-min Video
Step 2: Complete Your Application



"When it comes to top sales jobs, I can't believe I was looking in all the wrong places! This course has changed my income... and my life! I can see how I'll be at $100k+ in the next year... I love tech sales now!"  Joe in NYC



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