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We know what it takes to design and run the best ISA programs. Let us show you how.

Meratas facilitates the management of ISAs through a secure online & digital environment that replicates and streamlines functions that are typically time consuming paper-based and require in-person communications. 

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ISAs Help Schools Overcome
Obstacles to Enrollment

So many choices, Too much Risk

With the influx of online educational offerings - bootcamp, skills training, certificate, accredited - students looking to upskill or reskill have unlimited choices.

With so many options and too much noise, it is difficult to identify quality courses that translate to higher earnings.

Obstacles to Recruitment

Primary obstacles when competing to attract
and recruit students:

  • The student’s ability to pay; and
  • The student’s willingness to assume the
    risk that your course may not result in a
    better career.
ISAs Remove Risk & Align Incentives

The Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an elegant solution for continued learning because it shifts risk from the student and signals value.

With an ISA, the student receives a risk-free education, and after graduation, continues to benefit from protection against earning shocks or employment uncertainty.

More Flexible than Private Loans

With traditional financing, the risk, burden and cost of education is placed entirely on the student.

With an ISA, payments are indexed to earned income, helping keep payments manageable despite earning fluctuations. And, in the event of job loss, payments are automatically waived.

ISA Defined

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a contract between a student and their school, where in exchange for educational financing, the student agrees to share a fixed percentage of their post-graduate earnings over a set period.

  • Safer and More Flexible than Private Debt

    Since the amount repaid is indexed to income, payments will always remain manageable despite any unforeseen earning fluctuations

    ISAs include a “Floor” and “Cap”. Repayments are suspended when earning less than the Floor, and total payments will never exceed the Cap.

  • Aligned Incentives

    ISAs help reduce financial barriers to education and align incentives between school, student and funder.

ISA Key Terms

Funded Amount

The amount funded on the student’s behalf

Income Share

The percentage of monthly income repaid after graduation (subject to the Floor and Cap)

Annual Income

The student’s post-graduation pre-tax income (i.e., Line 1 of IRS Form 1040EZ)

Monthly Payment

The dollar amount repaid by the student on a monthly basis 

Minimum Threshold

The “Floor”. Repayment Obligations are suspended when Annual Income is less than the Floor

Payment Cap

The “Ceiling”. ISA automatically terminates once aggregate repayments reach the Cap.

Required Payments

The number of required  Monthly Payments (subject to the Floor, but never to exceed the Payment Window)

Payment Window

The outer limit on re-payment obligations

ISA Program Benefits


Increase Access & Opportunity

Democratize access to education by eliminating socio-economic barriers

Eliminate Financial Risk

ISA tuition options remove the risk associated with pursuing continued education

Aligned Interests

School is incentivized to ensure graduates obtain the best jobs possible

Signal Value

Enhance school reputation by joining a prominent group of institutions offering ISAs

Student Recruitment & Retention

ISAs are proven to attract and help keep students in school

ISAs Provide Better Diversification Than Private Loans.


Financing multiple ISAs can reduce losses relative to traditional loans, as high-earners cross-subsidize losses from low-earning students.

Under a traditional loan, low-earning students may face difficulty repaying their balance. To compensate, lender must demand higher interest rates from all borrowers.

With an ISA, repayments from low-earners are reduced or waived (making default less likely), while high-earners repay more (up to the Cap), compensating for potential losses from low earners.

How We Can Help.

Meratas specializes in the infrastructure required to successfully design, implement, and administer custom ISA programs for academic institutions and skills training courses.

Fully Customized Solution

We will design an ISA program around your unique needs

No Equity Dilution

Grow/finance your brand with NO dilution to your equity position

Best Practices

Access our industry knowledge and implement proven best practices

Marketing / Promotion

Promote your program through our Website & Social Media, and Affinity Marketing campaigns

Better Underwriting

More creative solutions than available through a bank credit line.

Program Administration

Focus on your course without administrative distraction

How You Will GROW

87% of students polled (who enrolled through an ISA) say they would not have considered
their program without having a deferred tuition option.

Increased Enrollment

See an immediate 2X increase in qualified applicants just by offering an ISA option

Value Signifier

Signal to prospective students that you have a stake in their future success

Fast Implementation

ISAs permit faster approvals and access to a significantly broader and more diverse student body

Alignment of Incentives

Studies show the ISA model to be a critical trust-building tool with students

Better Financing Options

No co-signer required = larger applicant pool

Thoughtful Risk Sharing

Better downside protection and diversification than with private loans.

Joshua Jordan,
Founder, CEO

“Immediately after implementing an ISA tuition option we began to see dramatic results. Qualified approved applications increased by nearly 3x within the first month of our program and our projections continue to grow.”

Our 5 Step Process

  • Discovery

    We collect program-level data (student profiles, graduation rates, job placement statistics), and discuss your key needs & goals.

  • Design

    Having identified your goals, we create an ideal student ROI and structure a customized ISA program for you.

  • Promote

    We provide content to include in your native advertising campaigns to promote your ISA program, and will run cross & affiliate marketing campaigns to maximize exposure.

  • Launch

    Launch your ISA program in as quickly as 1 week. From 1 student to 100,000, no program is too big or small.

  • Administer

    We monitor and measure program success, provide outcome reporting, and make program adjustments if necessary.