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I'm interested in an ISA but still need more information

That's great! ISAs are a great tool to help anyone build the future they want. That being said, we understand that since they are so different from traditional loans and other forms of financing, they can be a bit daunting. 

That's why we created an entire page dedicated to making them simple and easy to understand. Pop on over to our ISA page for all the info you need about ISAs including blog posts, videos, and even our ISA e-book! We're positive this will answer any questions you may have. 

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I'm stuck on my ISA application. How do I finish it?

We designed the Meratas ISA application process to be quick and seamless. However, if you're stuck on your application and need help, we made this video to help you through the application process! 

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I want to change some of my financial preferences including the bank account on my student portal. How do I do that?

Financial privacy and security is one of our top concerns. In order to preserve that, changes to the financial information on your account cannot be done in the student portal. 

In order to change your payment method or opt into automatic ACH payments on your account, please contact our Student Support Team at or by calling (866)-539-4580


I finished my application, what happens now?

Once you have finished your application, it will then go to your partner program to review! Typically, applications are reviewed and accepted within a few days though the application process is at the discretion of your partner program. You'll receive an email notification once your application has been reviewed that will also include next steps!  


What if I don't see the School I want to apply for?

We're always looking for new program partners! If you don't see the school or program you want to apply for in the application page, you can let us know here: 

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I need to request deferment for my ISA payments. How do I do that?

Deferment under standard ISA protocol occurs if you are unemployed or making below the minimum income threshold set in your ISA. To request deferment in these cases, you will need to log into your student portal and click in the employment tab. There, you will select either unemployment or edit employment. Finally, you will upload either copies of your last pay stub or a letter of termination to complete your deferment request. 

Once that is done, a member of your partner program will review your information before deferment is granted. This can take up to 30 days to reflect in your student portal. 

If you are requesting temporary deferment outside of unemployment or earning lower than the Minimum Income Threshold, please contact your Partner school/program for a case by case review of your unique deferment situation. 


I'm a school or skills training program and I want to offer an ISA. How can I do that?

We're excited you want to provide an ISA as an option for financing your program! We have an entire page dedicated to helping you understand how to create your ISA program. 

Head over to our Partners page where you can find all the information you need about starting your own ISA program. You can also schedule a call with a member of our Partners Team to talk about how you can fit an ISA program into your financing plan! 

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Differences Between Income-Driven Repayment Plans and Income Share Agreements

How are my payments calculated?

Your ISA payments are calculated as a percentage of your gross monthly earnings (illustrated as your gross annual earnings in your contract and elsewhere for simplicity sake). This means that your previous month’s income will determine the payments you will make on the first of each month. 

For example, your gross earnings during the month of October will determine how much your ISA payment will be on December 1. 

It is important that if your income changes, any updates to your reported income in your student portal be made before the 15th of the month to have it be applied to your next payment. 

For example, if your gross income changed in September, you must submit this change by October 15th in order for your new payment amount to reflect on your December 1st payment. If you wait until after the 15th, this new change may not reflect until your January 1st payment.

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