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The Weekly Roundup: Gameifying the Natural Sciences

Tyler Hawk November 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the Meratas Memo’s Weekly Roundup! This is your weekly fix of higher education and alternative financing news. Here are this week's stories:


How COVID Could Affect Shopping Trends This Holiday 

It's no surprise that the holidays are going to look a little different this year. That is especially true for holiday shopping.

In this post by Hubspot, they sampled over 300 consumers to figure out what some of these new holiday shopping trends might look like including how much shopping they're planning on doing as well as how much of it will be online. 

Read the full story on Hubspot here. 


How Following Safety Guidelines Led to Successful Openings

There has been much speculation around how reopening schools this fall would go. How would teachers be set up safely? And will students comply with the new rules set in place for them? 
In this post by Edsuge, they explore schools that have been able to open successfully with minimal cases and how they were able to subvert a lot of anxious expectations. 

Read the full story on Edsurge here.  


Gameifying the Natural Sciences

Gamefication of traditional education is growing in popularity among teachers and students alike. Michael Kasumovic and his company Arludo are looking to bring that educational gaming fun to the natural sciences. 

In this interview by Edsurge, Kasumovic talks about Arludo, designing games with learning in mind, and how this is the future of education. 

Read the full story on Edsurge here.  

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