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The Weekly Roundup: The Future of K-12 Edtech and Rising Cases Among Universities

Tyler Hawk August 26, 2020

Welcome to the Meratas Memo’s Weekly Roundup! This is your weekly fix of higher education and alternative financing news. Here are this week's stories:


The Future of the K-12 Edtech Market

With the rise of the pandemic and schools recognizing the need for remote learning, the K-12 Edtech market has had the spotlight shown on them during these uncertain times. These companies have also learned a lot from the race to piece together a cohesive plan since the beginning of school closures back in the spring which has only further proved their place in the future of education. 

However, what does the future for these companies look like? In this post by Celina Morgan-Standard and David DeSchryver, they examine the lessons these companies have learned during the pandemic and how they can use those lessons to shape their future. 

Click here to read the full article on Edsurge.  


COVID Cases See a Spike Among Universities Nationally

Universities across the country have taken several different approaches to classes this fall. Some have reopened completely with stricter safety guidelines, some have decided to remain fully remote, and other's have taken a more hybrid approach. With many of these universities deciding on in person classes as being the best re-opening route, many are also starting to see outbreaks among their students. 

In this post on Inside Higher Education, Lilah Burke takes a closer look at the various schools affected as well as the factors that have led to some schools getting hit harder than others. 

Click here to read the full story on Inside Higher Education. 

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