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The Weekly Roundup: A Record Year for Edtech

Tyler Hawk January 13, 2021

Welcome to the Meratas Memo’s Weekly Roundup! This is your weekly fix of higher education and alternative financing news. Here are this week's stories:


Edtech Raises $2.2 Billion in 2020

2020 was an uncertain year to say the least. This is especially true for the education sector where we saw back and forth moves on plans to close and reopen classrooms and transitioning into online classes. So how was Edtech able to raise a record $2.2 billion in such a volatile year?

This post by Edsurge takes a close look at what caused such a strong year for Edtech funding. 

Read the full post on Edsurge here.


Using AI to Improve Teaching 

AI is eating the world much in the same way software already has. It's applications are nearly limitless and can be used in a nearly infinite number of fields. So how can AI be used to help improve teaching in real time? 

Jon Reifschneider, a former data science and AI professor at Duke, explores what using AI in real time in the classroom might look like to help teachers improve the way they teach. 

Read the full story on Edsurge here. 

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