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The Weekly Roundup: Predictions for 2021

Tyler Hawk January 6, 2021

Welcome to the Meratas Memo’s Weekly Roundup! This is your weekly fix of higher education and alternative financing news. Here are this week's stories:


Predictions For the Upcoming Year

2020 was a year of adaptation. Adapting to a pandemic, adapting to a new way of life, and adapting to a new way of working and learning. So now that we're in 2021, what can we expect for the new year?

In this post by Edsurge, they go over some of those predictions and see how the new year might play out. 

Read the full story on Edsurge here. 


How the Constraints of the Pandemic Bred Creativity

The shifts in the way we led our lives in 2020 resulted in a great deal of constraints. From wearing masks to go grocery shopping to limiting large gatherings, it was a year of constraints. No group felt this more than educators, who had to shift their entire model of teaching to a new style and platform.

However, these constraints often bred creativity and opened the door to a new ways of doing things. 

Read the full story on Edsurge here.


The Case to Keep Classes Outdoors 

As a part of the shift in educational practices in 2020, many teachers and programs opted to take their classes outside. It would be safer and easier to distance students but there were also a good deal of other benefits that they saw. 

There is a case to be made to keep classes outside, even when it is fully safe to lead classes like before. 

Read the full story on Edsurge here. 

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