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Tyler Hawk May 4, 2020

We are Meratas.

We are here to empower schools and online programs with the best alternative financing to traditional student loan. We are here to help students connect with the best online programs and help them discover the power of Income Share Agreements (ISA) . We are here to help people level up their life and break into a new, professional career.


The Biggest Problem with Education

At Meratas, we believe that education should be available to everyone. We noticed there were two major problems with education: Many students want to learn relevant skills and upgrade their careers but they don't have the means to do so and as a result, struggle to upskill.


We also noticed that there are many amazing, high-quality online education programs ranging from coding to UX, to welding, and even nursing but they had trouble filling seats.


We decided to do something about these higher education problems.


What We Do

We help both higher education programs and students unlock the power of Income Share Agreements.


We built the most intuitive and powerful ISA management tool for higher education programs to use to run their own Income Share Agreement program. Think of it like Hubspot but for your own Income Share Agreement program.


With our uniquely built Meratas Platform, schools and online programs can create their own Income Share Agreement program to manage the student's application and their ISA payment, customize their student's ISA contract, and even track and collect each ISA repayment. This can all be done from one, uniquely tailored platform.


We also educate schools and online programs on what an Income Share Agreement is, how to build the most effective program for their needs, and empower them to run their own ISA program using the best Income Share Agreement management tool available today.


All of this results in increased enrollment and the ability to fill empty seats in their cohorts. We've even seen some programs triple in size after introducing an ISA program!


We also know that ISAs empower students to go where they otherwise couldn't. With the ability to go through an educational program at no upfront cost, without having to make repayment unless their education results in a job, no fear of building debt, and with built-in protection in the event they lose their job, we believe an ISA is the best financial aid available today. While it's been used in niche industries for years, Meratas is here to help make this funding available to everyone.


We help students find the best education programs available that offer ISAs through our incredible partners. We connect students and schools together.


However, we don't stop there. We are also the go-to resource on all things ISA and professional development. We are passionate about education because of what it can unlock. We also know that it's not enough to simply complete an online program. For many students, completing these programs is their first step into the professional world or maybe they are hoping to start fresh in an entirely new industry.


We also provide the best resources for professional development and navigating the professional world. We know that those looking to get an education are looking to make a splash in the professional world. We provide the best resources on building, growing, and accelerating your career.


Unlock the Power of an ISA Today

If you're an education or membership program looking to add the power of an Income Share Agreement to your student financing efforts, schedule a call with one of our ISA specialists today!


If you're a student looking to up-skill or break into a new career but don't feel like you have the means to do so, find out more about how an ISA can help you unlock the future you want and click here to find the best ISA program for you!

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