Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Pre-qualify online.  Approvals are based on your academic and merit achievements.

See if you pre-qualify before submitting a full application.

Step 2

Get a quote tailored to your specific degree and chosen career.

Upload support materials and verify your identity.


Step 3

Receive your contract, sign electronically.

Funds deposited in your account within two business days of completed and approved applications!

Pay it back only after you’ve graduated, and only if you are earning more than expected based on your specified degree and career.


Get Trained In Software Sales

Open to qualified individuals 18 years and older, looking to break into tech.  No prior coding or sales experience required.  Admitted applicants will be trained in software sales as a certified sales development representative (SDR).

Learn Software Sales / Break Into Tech!

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“For students looking to private sources to help finance their education, ISAs carry significantly lower risk than private loans or credit card debt.”

Why Traditional Loan Protections Don’t Work for Income Share Agreements - and What Should Replace Them (AEI, June 2015)


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